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SYLLABUS 2014-15
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The ACA is regarded globally as one of the leading business and finance qualifications and is recognised and valued in practice, industry, commerce and the public sector. The ACA qualification aims to ensure that all newly qualified chartered accountants have the technical and professional skills required to meet the professional challenges likely to be faced and to provide a platform on which to build continuing professional development. Structure

The syllabus has been designed to develop core technical, commercial, and ethical skills and knowledge in a structured and rigorous manner. Progression through the ACA modules, in combination with integrated and monitored work experience, will equip and prepare candidates for the demanding multi-disciplinary case study. This final module assesses key skills of analysis, synthesis and communication, commercial and ethical awareness and the application of professional judgement. The diagram above shows the twelve modules at the Professional Stage, where the focus is on the acquisition and application of technical skills and knowledge, and the Advanced Stage which comprises two technical integration modules and the Case Study. Ethics is embedded throughout the qualification and there are specific learning outcomes included in a number of the modules. The syllabus has been designed to ensure candidates understand the fundamental principles of ethics, can apply relevant ethical guidance and are able to recommend actions to resolve ethical issues. © ICAEW 2013 3

The Advanced Stage of the ACA qualification is designed to ensure that candidates are able to integrate and apply their technical, professional and ethical skills in a variety of business environments. The Advanced Stage has been constructed to ensure that candidates:  are able to identify and evaluate a broad range of business issues and communicate appropriate advice  provide relevant and correct technical advice, whilst ensuring that the business implications of the advice given are understood  apply the highest level of professional and ethical skills to business and technical issues  maintain their awareness of important emerging business issues  are provided with the platform to develop their skills within a continuing professional development framework Structure and progression

There are three Advanced Stage modules: the Case Study and two underpinning technical integration modules. The two technical integration modules are Business Reporting and Business Change. The Professional Stage consists of knowledge modules and application modules. The Knowledge modules introduce the core technical knowledge and skills required by a chartered accountant. The application modules further develop and assess practical application of technical knowledge and skills. © ICAEW 2013 4

The technical knowledge acquired at the Professional Stage is developed to an advanced level and integrated in a broader range of business scenarios in the Advanced Stage technical integration modules. The application of technical knowledge in these modules requires an appreciation of the typical issues and problems facing businesses and their relationship to corporate reporting, assurance and taxation. A greater depth of business and financial analysis will be required to understand the implications and risks arising from the business issues. New technical topics are introduced in the technical integration modules, that are not dealt with elsewhere in the syllabus. A deeper level of technical ability is expected of candidates across the entire ACA syllabus to reflect the greater financial and business awareness needs of trainee chartered accountants approaching qualification. This is reflected particularly in assessing candidates’ proficiency and ability to integrate knowledge and skills both within and across technical subjects in a range...
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