National Health Care Association

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Case: National Health Care Association

The National Health Care Association is concerned about the shortage of nurses the health care profession is projecting for the future. To learn the current degree of job satisfaction among nurses, the association has sponsored a study of hospital nurses throughout the country. As part of this study, a sample of 50 nurses were asked to indicate their degree of satisfaction in their work, their pay, and their opportunities for promotion. Each of the three aspects of satisfaction was measured on a scale from 0 to 100, with larger values indicating higher degrees of satisfaction. The data were broken down by the types of hospitals employing the nurses. The types of hospitals considered were private (P), Veterans Adminstration (V), and University (U).The complete data set can be found in the excel file named “Helath” We are interested in the following questions: 1. On the basis of the entire data set and the three job-satisfaction variables, what aspect of the job is most satisfying for the nurses? What appears to be the least satisfying? In what area(s), if any, do you feel improvements should be made? 2. On the basis of descriptive measures of variability, what measure of job satisfaction appears to generate the greatest difference of opinion among the nurses? Explain. 3. What can be learned about the types of hospitals? Does any particular type of hospital seem to have better levels of job satisfaction than the other types? Do your results suggest any recommendations for learning about and/or improving job satisfaction? Discuss.

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