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ACFI 3217

Module handbook

International Developments in Accounting: ACFI 3217

Staffing details
Lectures and tutorials will be given by Kishor Lodhia and Rachel English:

Kish Lodhia: HU 3.57 Email (weeks 1 – 9; and 17 – 26) Rachel English: HU 4.60 Email: (Weeks 10-16)

Module Characteristics

This module will look at the international developments in accounting. It will look at and compare different approaches to developing accounting rules and regulations on the international stage. It will look at current issues such as convergance/ harmonisation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the problems associated with implementation. This module will also look at the international practices of specific countries. We will consider the impact of specific accounting problems such as goodwill, foreign currency and inflation and compare international practices. Another important aspect of the module is looking at international accounting from the viewpoint of management. We will look at control of global operations and performance evaluation in the context of globalisation

Learning Outcomes: Subject Specific Knowledge and Skills

Evaluate the role of different bodies in the harmonisation process Appreciate and evaluate influences on International Accounting Developments Apraise how social, political and legal systems affect national accounting practices Critically evaluate the role of accounting in developing countries Critically compare and contrast the development of accounting practices in different countries Evaluate, appreciate and comment on the impact of accounting practices on performance evaluation exercises Appraise the management process in global operations

Learning Outcomes: Cognitive and non subject specific skills To demonstrate the ability to work as a member of a small group To demonstrate the ability to present an accounting discussion via a variety of media To demonstrate the ability to research and select appropriate data to support an accounting discussion To demonstrate the ability to apply number skills to support an accounting discussion To demonstrate the ability to manage and take responsibility for own learning

Students must obtain 40% overall but there is no need to pass each element. The group work will test the student's ability to work as a team and to present their findings in a professional manner. The students will need to understand and critically evaluate existing systems. Both reports will test the student's ability to carry out research and to decide on relevant material to include in the reports. The phase test will test the understanding of the core issues involved in looking at developments in international accounting. Note:

Where a student attempts yet fails the first unit of assessment they can resubmit without this counting as a formal re-sit opportunity. In such cases, and where the student then passes this component, the mark is capped at 40% The submission dates for the assignments are as follows:

Phase Test 120%Week commencing Monday 11 February 2012

Individual Course Work35%Thursday 28 February 2013

Group Coursework 45%Thursday 25 April 2013
Lecture programme


Date (w/c)

Lecture topic

Introduction: Overview of International Developments in Accounting module.

International Harmonisation – History and Future. Barriers to Harmonisation

Global Accounting Standards: Benefits and Barriers

Investors and Listed companies

Factors which affect the usefulness of accounts; Credibility of Financial Reporting

Choices in Global Accounting


Institutional and External Influences on...
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