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Essay Title: "The Irish State need not be so heavily involved in health or education". Discuss with reference to one or both of these areas of welfare state activity.

I have chosen to discuss whether or not I think that the Irish state need not be so involved in Health and Education in our country. I think that it is important that the state is involved with these issues within our country. Ireland is by definition a "welfare state", that is, a system whereby the government undertakes to protect the health and wellbeing of its citizens. Most industrialized countries on earth are welfare states, but the systems and levels of welfare can vary depending on the country. Being a welfare state means that the state manages the risks that are faced by members of the public throughout their lives. I agree with the Marxist theory that in order for a capitalist state to function, welfare is a necessary for its sustenance. Ireland is a capitalist and highly industrialized country. This definition tells us that it is therefor an obligation of the state to be involved in matters of health and education, it is their responsibility to look after the Irish people.

I will now discuss how the Irish welfare state is involved with Health issues in Ireland, what implications health issues have, and why it is important that the state continue to be involved. The Irish health care system is governed by the health act 2004. The Health Service Executive (H.S.E.) was established in this act, its purpose, to be responsible for providing health and personal social services for the people of Ireland. In Ireland we have what is known as a two-tier health system, basically this meas that there are two different levels to our health system, the public sector and the private sector. The public sector is open to the public, it is free of charge. But despite huge expenditure over the last ten years, still has some problems the biggest of which is the huge waiting lists of people...
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