Anonymous Egg and Sperm Donation

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Anonymous Egg and Sperm Donation
Should the offspring of sperm or egg donors have the right to known their biological father or mother? This is definitely a controversial topic among people in our generation. Many people share their stories on how they would like to meet their biological parents and how they would share so much about their everyday lives. One story written by Lindsay Greenawalt was very interesting; she wrote to her unknown father in a Father’s Day blog posting. She stated, “I’ve dreamt of you since I was a little girl. There are so many things I want to know about you “(Greenawalt qtd. in Crary). This is just one of the many examples of how children are trying to meet their biological parents.

There is always an argument against meeting biological parents, where people believe the identity of the donor should always remain anonymous and protected. They believe that since it is an "Anonymous Egg and Sperm Donation", there is good reason for the donors to remain anonymous. In addition, there are the adults that donate because they are in need of extra money and they do not want their offspring to know their identity. "Imagine donating sperm in your early 20s to earn money while studying. Fast forward 20 years and you could now get a phone call from someone who wants to meet their father" (O'Brien). This debate will always go on forever since everyone has different opinions regarding the topic.

Getting to know your parents is an important part of growing up. How would you feel if you never had the opportunity to meet one of your biological parents? There will always be questions knowing that a certain part of you was missing. "ComRes found 60 percent of the public think such children should be told "once they reach an appropriate age", 27 percent disagree, and 13 percent "don't know" (Laurance). This is just another reason why the offspring of donors should have the ability to meet their sperm or egg donors.

There are a few articles...

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