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Topics: Begging, Jeep, Jeepney Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: August 15, 2013
(objective essay)

Jeepneys are one of the most famous public transportation in the Philippines. Not only because it is one of the cheapest with its P10 fare and P7 for students. People line up under the sun waiting for one to come, most especially in UP Diliman. UP Ikot or UP Toki takes you clockwise and counter clockwise around UPD.

Like any other day, people standing up on the side walk waiting for the jeep to arrive. The jeep consists of various people. Some you may call veterans or someone who are used to riding the jeep. A few, you would know it was either their first time or they’re not that familiar with the route yet. For instance, there was a girl that rode the same jeep I rode and well, she doesn’t know where her building is, it’s as if she’s hoping that the jeepney driver will just drop her off at the building she wanted to go. And the rest are just average people who probably pretend they know every stop so well but actually don’t by the fact how they would look out discreetly to check where we were.

As the jeepney ride goes on, the jeep stopped to get more passengers. By the time the jeep was full, there was this girl, suddenly started begging the jeepney driver to let her ride. Knowing that the jeep he was driving was full already, he refused and just told the girl “hintay ka na lang. May darating din na di puno.” With that, I thought we were off to go, but I stand corrected. The girl started to beg some more and I noticed she was about to cry. Forcing the jeepney driver to let her ride, she constantly say “malelate na po ako manong. Sige na po. Kahit sa floor lang ako uupo.” Then the jeepney driver said “iha wala na talaga. Di na pwede. Punong puno na” which is true, we were like sardines in a can.

I was actually waiting for someone to give up his or her seat in that jeep, but no one did. Guess everyone was in a hurry to get to places too. When I decided to give my seat up despite this assignment, it was too late...
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