Topics: Homelessness, Housing first, Homelessness in the United States Pages: 3 (1294 words) Published: January 26, 2015

AOW #11—Justice for All?


8-10 Strong effort. Mature thinking is obvious. The student makes several margin notes, showing thoughtful interaction with the text. The student circles and defines unknown or challenging words. Margin notes show that the reader is asking questions, identifying main ideas, and connecting to the ideas found in the article. 5-7 Adequate effort.  The student interacts with the text, but may struggle to dig deep. The student may circle and define unknown or challenging words.  Margin notes show that the reader is using some reading strategies to improve comprehension. 2-4 Some effort.  Interaction with the text is basic.  Margin notes are there but do not demonstrate that the reader is thinking deeply about the text.

0-1 Little to no effort displayed.  Margin notes may not even be there.

9-10 Outstanding effort.  The student obviously proofed this paragraph, focusing on neatness and accuracy.  Exceeds all requirements.

7-8 Good effort.  The product is neat and legible.  Meets all requirements.

Adequate effort.  The product is legible.  Meets most requirements. 2-4Weak effort.  The student only completed some of the task.  

0-1  The student completed little to none of the task.     

Total AoW Grade:


Writing Template

Florida Finds Tricky Balance Over Feeding of the Homeless
By LIZETTE ALVAREZ November 12, 2014

Arnold Abbott, left, prepared plates of food for the homeless on Wednesday in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Mr. Abbott, 90, was defying the city’s new restrictions on feeding homeless people in public places. FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — As dusk settled over the city’s main beach, Arnold Abbott, frail but determined, broke the law late Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Abbott, a 90-year-old World War II veteran, stood on the pavement and piled tilapia and rice and beans on plates for dozens of homeless people. A crowd stood and watched, waiting to see what...
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