Augusta Homeless

Topics: Georgia, Poverty, The Augusta Chronicle Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: June 26, 2013
Anitra Strother
Research paper
Homeless In Augusta Georgia
I moved to Augusta Georgia about two years to ago. Augusta has a lot of attractions from the jobs to the schools. Augusta is also known to attractive people from around the world with its historic sites. Augusta is a like a small city, but Augusta has a high rate on attracting the homeless. Homeless people in Augusta are very common. The homeless people are more popular today than there were five years ago. Seems as if every busy road, or a bridge homeless people will be present with a sign stated “need help,” “will work for money,” and “need food” etc. I often ponder how these people ended up homeless? Are these people really homeless? Is there any place for them to go? How can they get help to get back to living a normally life again? Augusta Georgia provides homeless people with shelter, welcomes, and prevention for low income people. More homeless people are coming to Augusta because of the hospital and shelter. Folk states, “Most of the homeless people are veterans and the people that come from Central State Hospital because of it closing it long term care facility. Different people are complaining about the homeless people that are under the bridge in 13th street. The people under the bridge are harming other and dealing illegal things.” “Folk” Homeless people in Augusta are on a rises. Most reports are saying homeless is on a rises due to chronically condition. There are so other conditions that play a big part of begin homeless like mentally illness, domestic violence, and substance abuse. “The totally number of people that is homeless is 551 in the year of 2009,” according to Sparks. Spark also states, “That 379 of them is men, 84 is women, and 88 are children that were homeless during the year of 2009.” Some of these homeless adult has been homeless over past three year or more due to disabling condition. Spark’s shows breakdown the most homeless people...

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