Basic Accounting

Topics: Financial statements Pages: 2 (260 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology
Session Plan
Subject: Basic Accounting
Batch: 2010-12Foundation Program
Faculty: S. Vijayakumar Bharathi
Session Date| Session Details| Plan| Session Method|
Session 1-3| Pre-session preparation| Read from the book Accounting for Management| Syllabus discussion, PPTs / Videos on relevant topics| | Session| Introduce Accounting to the students| |

| | PPT on basic concepts of Accounting.| |
| | GAAP (concepts and conventions in accounting)| |
| Post-session assignment| Case study on applying GAAP in business | | Session 4-6| Pre-session preparation| Read Accounting Terminologies & Chemalite Case of Harvard| Surprise test| | Session| Analysis of GAAP Case| Group discussion on the worked out case| | | Accounting cycle through Chemalite Case| Recording transactions through the accounting cycle.| | Post-session assignment| Browse through Annual Report | | Session 7-9| Pre-session preparation| Introduce an Annual Report| Discussion on Annual Report| | Session| Contents and Significance of an Annual Report| | | | IT Vendors in Accounting| Websites of leading Accounting Softwares| | Post-session assignment| Annual Report Study| Written assignment on some of the highlights of an Annual Report|

Session Plan:
1. Reading chapter from book
2. Reading case, identifying problem, alternatives-a pre-written note required 3. Software
4. Written assignment e.g. a case from book
5. Reading from website or any resources
6. Study previous session resources
7. Practice on Software tools/Lab work
8. Audio/video to go through prior the class
9. Survey/field study
10. Any other

Session Method:
1. Conduct a quiz/surprise test (not to be counted but evaluated) 2. Concept/topics to be covered
3. My methodology of teaching
4. Any other
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