Being Canadian

Topics: Canada, Multiculturalism, Governor General of Canada Pages: 3 (648 words) Published: September 25, 2014
To Be Canadian
Being Canadian simply doesn’t mean being born and raised in Canada. For me, it defines the diversity of the country and its people and the unity among the different ethnic groups that live together in peace. Canada is often referred to as a land of immigrants because for the past 200 years, we became a multicultural country thanks to the millions of newcomers that helped build our way of life. Being a multicultural country is one of the many unique characteristics we should be proud of Canada. Not all the countries in the world welcome immigrants with mutual respect and equal treatment like they do in this country. Together, the diverse group that makes up most of the population in Canada shares a common Canadian identity, which make up today’s multicultural society. If a country can be defined by its citizens then the one thing that makes Canada the best country in the world is its people. According to John Buchan, a popular Governor General of Canada (1935-40), immigrant groups should retain their individuality and each make its contribution to the national character; while they cherish their own special loyalties and traditions, they cherish not less that new loyalty and tradition which springs from their union. Immigrants were more than welcome to keep their traditional identity and they shall contribute for the benefit of this country but they also have to respect their new Canadian identity. I am glad that people of Canada are not a society that blends together to form one basic cultural norm based on the dominant culture but instead we have given the right to retain our culture. Being Canadian means being a part of a multicultural society that values the diversity of its people where everybody has the same right regardless of their culture, race, religion, and beliefs. Being Canadian is being willing to respect the differences of one another. It means freedom. Being able to uphold religious freedom and voice our opinions openly without a...
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