being the president vs. being a homeless person

Topics: Homelessness, Homeless shelter, Saint Francis House Pages: 2 (348 words) Published: May 16, 2015
Ana Montalvo
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March. 21, 2015
Mid- Term writing test
Being the President vs. Being a Homeless Person

Being the President and being a homeless person are two different type of lifestyle. Even though they do not have the same lifestyle, they are concern on the same things. Money, how their live and work are some important issues for their lives, but one of them do not care about it because they are dependable on the other people. Money is important for everyone but everyone does not have enough money to survive. The president with his power on the nation and with the luxurious salary he receives, he and his family lives like the riches people without been worrying about how much is the cost of something. They just get whatever and whenever they want, while homeless people do not have money and food to eat. How a president and a homeless live is also important. In winter, homeless people have difficult time because they do not have a permanent place or house where they can sleep, so they sleep in the streets and the snow fall down on them, on the other side, the president has a big warm room with an enormous bed and all the amenities for a cozy night. Sleeping on the streets is one of the most difficult times a homeless person spend. The president works harder than a homeless person. The president works very hard every day for the entire world, but on the other hand homeless people just ask for money on the streets without working even though they have ability to work, they do not worry about it.

In addition, homeless people are those who do not care about work and how their live is because they have been depending on the president and the Government. Some urban streets often has homeless shelters which given by the president where the homeless people can take a shower and they receive clean clothes. In my opinion if homeless people take care of themselves, they would not have needs.
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