Call to Action on Poverty

Topics: Homelessness, Poverty, Homelessness in Canada Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: February 21, 2007
It happens everywhere, and you see it everyday. Yet, no one really notices or

acknowledges that it's happening. It is all around us everywhere. Downtown on the streets,

under the bridges and in the parks. It is homelessness. In Canada alone, there are 150 000 people

who are homeless at this very minute, according to the Government of Canada.

Yet, when everyone thinks of a homeless person, they think of someone who lives on the street

in a box. But, that is not always the case. Many homeless people live with friends, or in hotels,

or with family members. Many others live in shelters, and boarding houses. In Canada alone,

there are 14, 145 people who live in shelters. Yet, occasionally you do see homeless people who

live on the streets with no place to go.

There are also many reasons why one becomes homeless that most people don't know about.

Many homeless people have serious mental illnesses and disabilities, are escaping domestic

violence, escaping foster care and are heavily involved with drugs or alcohol. Many people who

are homeless are homeless not by choice, but by consequences such as lack of living wage jobs,

income inequality, and causes of natural disasters.

Most people is this world, know about homelessness, but many do not acknowledge it. They see

homeless people and automatically begin to judge them instead of trying to understand them.

And understand that they are regular people just like everyone else in the world. They have just

chosen a bad path to go down, or have had a string of bad luck.

Many people also do not realize that helping even a little bit helps. By giving them some change

to buy food, or even giving them food. Giving food to food drives or food banks. Every little bit

helps. In order to change homelessness in Canada, or even in the world, everyone needs to play

a part to help, because some people might not have the same luxuries...
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