Topics: Homelessness, Poverty, Homelessness in the United States Pages: 3 (689 words) Published: September 23, 2014
Becky Blanton: The Year I Was Homeless
1. What events led to Blanton becoming homeless?
She ended up trying to take just a one year camping trip after the passing of her father and it turned out she enjoyed it enough to become one of the working homeless. 2. What three things did Blanton quickly realize?

1; society equates living in a single structure 2; She failed to realize how the negative outlooks of other people can affect her and 3; She realized that being homeless is an attitude and not a lifestyle. 3. What was Blanton's experience like living in the van?

Her experience had its ups and downs but she does mention how the van was very hot during the summer and at night she could not sleep well because the van was 80 degrees. Becky also said that the cat was with her but the dog was in a doggy day care. Becky also said that it was hard to find a secluded place to park for overnight stays. Her shower was usually at a rest stop or business that would allow her to do so. 4. Why didn't Blanton get an apartment when life became miserable? She could not afford to get an apartment that would allow her to keep her dog and cat. Being the animal lover she was she would not give them up even if it meant that she would have to live a little less privileged. 5. Why did the people say that Blanton wasn't homeless?

They didn’t see her as homeless because she had hope. A man told her that other homeless people do not have hope. 6. How does society treat or see the homeless?
Society sees homeless people as criminals and they also see them as pan handlers that are looking for handouts when that is not always the case. Hard Times Generation: Homeless Kids
1. What are some of the factors that contribute to kids being homeless? People losing their jobs and houses going into foreclosure has contributed greatly to homelessness in families including children. 2. What challenges do homeless kids face?

The family...
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