Causes of Poverty and Vagrancy

Topics: Poverty, Homelessness, Agriculture Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: November 25, 2013
The most significant cause of poverty and vagrancy in this period was the economic depression. Discuss. INTRO: An economic depression entails a larger period of time of usually more than ten years. Therefore it is unreasonable to declare this as the most significant cause of poverty and vagrancy as generally, aside from the mid-tudor crisis years, the economy fluctuated and so it can be said it was more economic downturns which caused poverty and vagrancy than an economic depression. Other factors causing poverty and vagrancytrend throughout the time period such as population increase, inflation and relgious change. The economic depression occured in the midtudor crisis years form 1547-1558 and it comprised of many issues which combined could be classed as an economic depression. This was the time of much economic hardship brought upon citizens by the uncertain monarchs of Edward and Mary. Mary's mairrage to Phillip of Spain held huge ramifactions in that it allowed a great influx in the prices of Spanish Silver. This was one of the causes of the great Tudor price rise which left many people unable to afford even a loaf of bread. This development meant it pushed many families on the border of poverty over the edge and those who were seemingly considered financial adept closer to the poverty line. The Spanish marriage also resulted in a loss of jobs and therefore higher Vagrancy rates. Many traders were put out of business due to Mary allowing Spainsh trademen access the the English trade routes. This lost many jobs for locals and therefore increased Vagrancy rates by 5%. Edward also contributed during his reign with the rising number of enclosures brough upon rennants renting in rural areas. The squireachy were responsible for enclosing 60-70% of the land which was mostly located in the Midlands. Areas such as Leicestershire saw huge implications as without land to farm they couldnt afford rent, and with unsympatheic landlords they were faced with no other...
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