Topics: Financial statements, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Model Audit Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: April 5, 2013
A meticulous and persistent work style 
Articulate and professional communication skills 

 The duration of internship: from September to November (total 2-3 months) Responsibilities: Full supports to the investment banking team, including financial statement analysis, presentation and transaction document drafting, industry research, on site due diligence, coordination etc. Opportunities: Comprehensive exposure to each aspect of an investment banking career. Sharpening all your skills required for a success in the financial world. Communication to entrepreneurs, senior management and worldwide professionals. Requirements: 1. At least 4 working days attendance every week. 2. Education background in Financial, Accounting or other related majors. Junior, senior or postgraduate student is preferred. 3. Fluent written and oral English skills, especially for translation work. 4. Have a good command of Microsoft Office tools. 5. Must be able to work under pressure and independently. 6. Good communication skills

下午刚刚面试归来,感觉还OK,没有想象中那么tough。两位manager对我都很好,一位是中国MM,另外一位是高层sales manager。个人建议就是:即使你不是金融背景,一定要demonstrate your ability and enthusiasm to learn. 另外,multi-task skills, communication skills, ability to deliver exceptional customer service都是key quality。对彭博一定一定要了解得彻彻底底!希望以下回忆对大家有用:

1. Walk me through your CV, tell me the edu and work experience that relevant to the role of Analytics. 2. What do you know about the company, the role and the product. 3. How do you sell promotional video services to your clients in your previous work? your approach. 4. What is the selling point of Bloomberg Terminal? Compare with competitors. 5. Why finance? Why financial data product? Why not investment banks, insurance company or financial firms? 6. How much do you know about financal market? Summarise a current news. (I tell them 'fiscal cliff') 7. What is bond, what is stock, and the difference between them. 8. Why does Bloomberg target to the corporate...
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