Commercialisation of Health Care

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Health economics Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: September 11, 2013
Commercialization ofHealth Care: Good or Bad? Varun Chandok
2. Commercialization
3. Commercialization of HealthCare:Commercialization means goods hospital withhaving better facilities, nursing care andtechnology, provide better accessible, for people.It means private owned hospitals. 4. Why Commercialization?Life is very precious.WHO reports show that most of the civilhospitals/government hospitals in the countrydo not have proper equipment and facilitiesand the ratio of number of beds to populationof that city is very low for each of them.Increased accessibility is the major benefit ofCommercialization. 5. Every Coin has twosides

6. Advantages OfCommercialization:Commercialization of Health care canmake health facilities more accessible.It can improve quality of service.Commercialization is good because ofgood infrastructure, update technology, better nursing facilities, qualifieddoctors etc. 7. Advantages OfCommercialization:It will improve our health services.Awareness.Quickness in treatment.Family care.Rules and Regulations.Easily data available. 8. Disadvantages OfCommercialization:PovertyHigh CostExploitationMonopoly MarketBoon for rich people, and curse forpoor people. 9. What Commercialization willbring?Commercialization words itself showsthe inability or incompetence of ourGovernment.So what it will bring is, the mostimportant and ist point is that It willremove our government’s inabilityand incompetence 10. What Commercialization willbring?Better health servicesBetter InfrastructureFast health servicesNew TechnologyPunctualityDisciplineInnovationQualified and Dedicated staff. 11. Commercialization words itselfshows the inability orincompetence of ourGovernmentSo what it will bring is, the mostimportant point is that It willremove our government’sinability and incompetence. 12. What Government can do in order toprevent exploitation of poor people?Bond with private hospitalsStrict rulesSubsidies to poor peopleHealth...
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