Compare Contrast Essay Medical vs Commercial

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Health economics Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: April 9, 2007
Medi-Cal verses Commercial Insurance
Most people will agree that the healthcare industry is a political whirlpool; sad but the reality is that its largely based on money. It takes you back to the cliché about "the haves" and "the have-nots." I work for Alameda Alliance for Health a not for profit Medi-cal insurance provider, which supplies both Medi-cal insurance as well as commercial insurance. Whether you have healthcare insurance supplied through your place of business or if it is given to you through the state, there are differences between the two. The real question is: Are you receiving the same type of care whether you are covered through your local state insurance or commercialized health plans?

Medi-cal is the government supplied health care insurance for people in California. The Medi-Cal program is used to provide essential medical care and services to preserve health, alleviate sickness, and mitigate handicapping conditions for individuals or families on public assistance, or whose income is not sufficient to meet their individual needs. (Medi-Cal, 2007) The Medi-cal population is made up mostly of the low income, and uninsured people of the state. This type of population is usually stereotyped as the people who take the healthcare that they are offered for granted. They are assumed to be late for appointments or careless with their health opportunities. It is usually offered to people who cannot afford healthcare insurance, single mothers and children, as well as people who have currently been seen in medical facilities that do not have medical insurance at the time of service.

Commercial insurance is considered the type of insurance people would receive through their place of business. Alameda Alliance offers what they consider their commercial healthcare insurance to people who work for In-Home Support Service (IHSS). These populations of people are considered privileged out of the two, only because they have jobs and are considered...

References:  Medi-Cal Website. (1/9/2007).
Retrieved January 25, 2007 from Medi-Cal website.
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