Topics: Culture, United Arab Emirates, Multiculturalism Pages: 3 (596 words) Published: November 29, 2014
Through previous studies and evidence that showing how can multiculturalism affect positively on the society in terms of economic, social and political. On the other hand, we cannot overlook to the negative effects that multiculturalism can be left it. Can multiculturalism destroy the definition of each culture? It would be easy to believe that multiculturalism can destroy the definition of each culture because of overlapping and mixing cultures together it will be easy to affected culture by other culture, and in some cases can certain culture removes another culture. In beginning this view seems convincing but, multiculturalism can build a relationships with other people from other cultures and this is foundation for change to better and help us to learn from others without led this to destroy our culture. Also, to build a relationship with other people from other cultures is foundation for change for the better and learn from others. Can a multiplicity of cultures make us lose our identity?

When we hear word of multiculturalism directly come to our mind change or loss our identity. Many people believe that multiculturalism can make them lose and change their identity because mixing with other people from different culture can effect unpleasantly in their culture from language, thinking, way of wearing, and behaviors. This view seems convincing at first but on the contrary, multiculturalism helps us to learning about other cultures, add new thing to our knowledge and we can take advantage from different aspects. We can learning and knowing new and hidden things from others culture but, with holding your identity and enhance it. Are there language barriers between cultures in multicultural society? Many people feel that in multicultural society people will face problems in the community with each other because of language. In the workplace and centers you will find a lot of nationalities speaking different languages and, most of the time we would have...

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