Culture Humility

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What is the relevance of practicing cultural humility in the field of counseling? The relevance of practicing cultural humility in the field of counseling is that this practice builds trust in the counselor–client relationship, rather than the tearing down or stereotyping of that or other cultures. In helping professions it is mandatory to consider the needs of the client as well as factors that influence the client’s needs or communication of needs. By practicing cultural humility in the field of counseling the counselor understands the importance of being a life-long learner and that the continuous growing, learning, and considering the uniqueness of each individual is paramount for the counselor’s success. Cultural humility ensures a lifelong commitment to self-evaluation and self-critique, readdressing the power imbalances in the patient physician dynamic and to developing mutually beneficial and no paternalistic clinical and advocacy partnership with communities on behalf of the individuals and defined populations (Murray-Garcia & Tervalon, 1998). Cultural humility in the field of counseling lessens the potential for cultural stereotyping. Cultural stereotyping is functioning under the belief that each culture can be defined and not taking into account the uniqueness of each individual. Different experiences in school with peers, as well as qualitative differences in how parents treat them will contribute to individual uniqueness (Sue &Sue, 2008). This statement is basically conveying that not all people are the same, and not all people within a culture handle situations the same. Just because I may have the same beliefs, doesn’t mean I may agree with the way things are handle within your particular household. Cultural humility allows for the counselor to act as a learner of the client and not as an expert. It allows for a counselor to seek to learn, rather than to impose their knowledge on individuals. Cultural humility comes from stepping away from the...

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What are your reflections about the video?
The video Cultural Humility by Vivian Chavez was an intriguing video to say the least. The video made me self-reflect my thoughts and brought awareness to my incompetence in cultural awareness. The video truly made me consider and respect the importance of an idea of a culture, and one must be a learner of the individual as well as the culture. To just understand how a culture impacts an individual’s life does not encompass humility. At the beginning of the video diverse people described cultural humility in one word, a few that stood out were love and compassion. These words each play a role in cultural humility. Love focuses on the learning and seeking knowledge, and compassion relates to understanding the feeling of others and treating them with this understanding.
As an African American male from in an inner city neighborhood, I am familiar with discrimination, I found after viewing this film that I was naïve to the struggles of many other individuals in this country. I grew up feeling that I was proud of where I came from, not because of what I accomplished as a child from the hood making good of himself with guidance from parents who made sure of my success, but because I always felt that no one had it as tough as I had it growing up. I grew up with a chip on my shoulder. This video made me realize how selfish and inconsiderate I was, and made me realize that I didn’t have it as worse as others.
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