Cyclone Tracy

Topics: Homelessness, Poverty, Darwin, Northern Territory Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Cyclone Tracy indeed caused a great devastation to the city of Darwin.Bruce Stannard of The Age magazine stated that Cyclone Tracy was a ‘disaster of the first magnitude…without parallel in Australia’s history.’’ it caused great destructions on both the environment and the people which link to one another. First of all, the cyclone caused a great destruction on the buildings where 70% of Darwin’s homes were destroyed or suffered from severe damage. 41,000 out of 47,000 people were homeless. And all the important public services such as communications, power, water and sewerage were severed. Furthermore, the over blown and blocked sewer lines resulted in a lack of sanitation, and poisons therefore leached out into the environment and caused diseases to spread. People were faced with threat of several diseases due to much of the city being without water, electricity or basic sanitation. The trees were uprooted, the animal habitats were destroyed and the food chain was broken. The beaches were strewn with dead marine or coastal- dwelling creatures. The cyclone killed 71 people, 49 whom died on land and 22 were out of sea. Due to its serious impact on both the environment and the people, the Darwin government came to a realisation of the need for their own government instead of being governed entirely by Canberra. the Australian’s perspective to the tropical cyclone threat was affected as well. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1974: since the technology back in 1974 wasn’t developed they really couldn’t rely on machineries monitoring.I thought they could’ve built some temporary shelters for the homeless people. Evacuation route clearer. If a disaster happens again in2012: government would have done regular monitoring. So people could be well prepared warned I think the buildings could also be more stabilised
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