Divorce Decree

Topics: Child custody, Health insurance, Family law Pages: 5 (1400 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Divorce Decree
Susan Wiseman
Kaplan University
Family Law
Jessica Gauvin
July 29, 2013

Divorce Decree
At the Matrimonial/LSA Part of Massachusetts State Supreme Court at the Courthouse, Suffolk County, on July 30, 2013 Present:

Hon. Justice/Referee _________________________________________________X Plaintiff, Index No.: -against- Calender Nol. Defendant. Judgment of Divorce ___________________________________________________X

1. This action was submitted to the court for consideration this date (on inquest of July 30, 2013). 2. The Defendant was served pursuant to court order dated July 20, 2013 within the state of Massachusetts. 3. Plaintiff presented a verified complaint.

4. The Defendant has appeared and waived his right to answer. 5. The court accepted oral proof of non-military service.
6. The Plaintiff’s address is 123 W. Golf Road, Boston, Massachusetts 12345, and social security number is 12345. The Defendant’s address is 456 E. Lark St., Boston, Massachusetts 12345. 7. Now on motion of divorce, the attorney for Plaintiff, it is: 8. ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the Referee’s Report, if any, is confirmed, and it is further 9. ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that Patty Bean shall have a judgment dissolving the marriage on the evidence found in the Findings of Face and Conclusions of Law based on DRL § subd. ___, at it is further 10. ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that Plaintiff shall have custody of the children of the marriage, i.e.: 11. Name Date of Birth ____________David Bean Jr. _____June 5, 2005 Patricia Bean July 1, 2008 12. ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the existing Family Court Order(s) under Index No(s). __________ shall be continued. 13. ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that Defendant shall not pay Plaintiff for maintenance. The Plaintiff accepted a job as a high school principal in Westerly, Rhode Island. Her salary will increase to $75,000 per year and benefits include a pension plan, short term and long term disability, medical and dental insurance for her and her family. The Plaintiff will not receive monies due to the fact that it was her decision to break up the family in order for to take a better paying job. Plaintiff had declined a previous offer from the same high school because the Defendant did not want to relocate and wanted the children left in his care. Plaintiff did not accept the first offer because she did not want to leave her children. Knowing what could happen with her marriage, she made her choice, aware of the consequences. The Defendant does not pay Plaintiff monies, due to the fact that it was she, who decided to leave. 14. ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that “Defendant is ordered to pay directly to Plaintiff as...
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