Downtown Revitalization

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In most cities the downtown area is usually referred to as the heart of the city. And in Los Angeles the downtown area can be described as such. But just like a human being with a serious case of a Cardiovascular disease is the same fate of Downtown Los Angeles. Here in this case, instead of cholesterol clogging up the arteries and veins, we have homeless people and rundown building clogging up the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. However, just like a heart patient that requires an open heart surgery, so is Downtown Los Angeles whose version of this is called the “Revitalization of Downtown Los Angeles”. Our Downtown

To all of us Downtown Los Angeles serves a different purpose and signifies a different mean. Downtown Los Angeles can be described as the converging point for everything in the great county of Los Angeles and neighbor counties. The place where affluence meets poverty, where Business romances with Pleasure, and the point where education cross-sects with fashion, need I say more about this intriguing place called Downtown Los Angeles. Downtown Los Angeles is the central business district in Los Angeles, and is interesting located relatively in the center of Los Angeles. It plays host to most of the major arts institutions and Sports arenas and facilities, sightseeing opportunities, numerous skyscrapers and various multinational corporations and a plethora of public art and different shopping opportunities. The converging point of county’s public transport system and freeway network is Downtown Los Angeles. The importance of Downtown Los Angeles to the residents of the Los Angeles county area cannot be over emphasized. The various sections/districts of downtown serve different functions to the residents. Some such locations are: • Arts District

• Fashion District
• Jewelry District

• Toy District

• Warehouse District
• Alpine Park (Chinatown)
• Angels Knoll Park
• Biddy Mason Park
• Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels meditation garden and olive garden (park) • Gladys Park (Skid Row)
• Grand Park
• La Placita Olvera
• Maguire Gardens
• Pershing Square
• Los Angeles City Hall South Lawn
• Los Angeles Police Department's Police Administration Building South Lawn • Los Angeles State Historic Park
• Los Angeles Union Station gardens
• San Julian Park (Skid Row)
• Venice/Hope Park
• Vista Hermosa Natural Park
• Walt Disney Concert Hall Community Park

Since the Golden age of Downtown Los Angeles which dates back to 1920 there has been a gradual deterioration of Downtown Los Angeles. This deterioration ranges from the poorly maintained building to homeless people littering the streets. It now portrays a grave division between affluence and utter poverty. Amidst the glory Skyscrapers that grace Downtown Los Angeles are homeless people living on it streets. It has become an issue of shame to everyone. And it looks like those in charge may have turned a blind eye towards the homeless people who now inhabit Skid Row. It is no longer what it used to be, or for lack of a better term it is now a dilapidated structure. However, the mayor of the Los Angeles County Antonio Villaraigosa, on his assumption of office in July of 2005 promised to “Revitalize” Downtown Los Angeles. Last week, Los Angeles awoke to find it had a new mayor. This week, it was surprised to discover that it might soon have a new heart. On Monday, plans for a new, revitalized, bigger, better and undoubtedly much shinier downtown were unveiled. Five new skyscrapers will be built, along with a boutique hotel, shops, apartments and offices. (Glaister 2005) And what he means by this is that we would restore Downtown Los Angeles to its passed glory for which it was once known for. According to Dan Glaister this revitalization is set to cost about $1.8 billion, but it is going to be funded mostly by...

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