Due Diligence Report Stork Bv

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Executive summary
1.0 Overview.......................................................................................................... 2.0 Stork B.V Group Structure
3.0 Market position
4.1 Boston matrix
4.2 Ansoff matrix
4.3 Competition
4.4 Main customers
4.5 Competences

4.0 Management
4.1 Risk management and control
5.0 Technology and development
6.0 Financial analysis
7.6 Limitations of ratios
7.7 Risks for Stork B.V
7.0 Conclusion
8.0 Bibliography

Appendix 1: SWOT analysis
Appendix 2: CV of V
Appendix 3: Ratios 2008
Appendix 4: Table of ratios 2008&2007

Executive summary
The agenda of this due diligence report is to appraise Stork B.V as a potential investment opportunity. In order to reach our conclusions we have analysed company`s annual reports, looked at press articles, analysed stock markets and other publicly available information. However, due to the limited publicly available information, we would suggest further research. In the future, we would like to perhaps interview Stork B.V management team, to find out more on future plans of Stork B.V. Two executive directors are in their 50s, one in his 60s. Directors might be concerned with serving their time rather than the shareholders` interests. Future predictions: defence industry might suffer overall company`s performance is quite good, however because of the recession and looking at competitors BAE sales down by 80% , it doesn’t necessarily mean that Stork will be affected but it might have an effect defence and aerospace industry suffer for those reasons I would not consider Stork B.V as an investment opportunity. On the other hand, based on the company`s historical information and the decision making of management we believe that the management is capable of making good decisions etc.

1.0 Overview

Stork B.V was founded in 1868 by Charles Theodor Stork. It is a Dutch manufacturing and service providing company and is headquartered in Naarden, Netherlands. There are two operating companies within Stork B.V: Fokker Aerospace Group and Stork Technical Services. Stork Aerospace produces advanced products, for instance, electrical systems for the defence and aerospace industry. The Stork Technical Services is responsible for supplying integrated technical services for installations and machines within the industrial market. It could be said, that the company was formed based on emerging with other respectable companies founded as early as 1827. Moreover, Stork N.V acquired parts of manufacturing and aircraft servicing divisions of Fokker when the company was in a bankruptcy and formed Stork Aerospace. In 2007 Stork had bought a food division; however the latter was sold in 2008 to an Icelandic firm known as Marel Food systems, as part of the deal.

2.0 Group structure
The corporate structure of Stork changed in 2008 when Stork went into becoming a privately owned company from being public. 99.6% of shares were tendered to London Acquisition B.V. Further takeovers of Stork business took place in the USA, in which a lot of well known banks were involved i.e. Goldman Sachs.


Manufacturing Services
Materials technology

Power services

Thermal &inspection services

Sales & rental services

3.0 Market position

3.1 Boston Matrix

LOW HIGH LOW Figure 1: designed by Egle Zeveliauskaite

Based on Boston Matrix Model Food division of Stork B.V is a PROBLEM CHILD. It is very important to highlight the fact that most of the products...
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