Education for All

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“Education for All”. This line is always we hear to those people who are professional; they give much more attentions when they are talking about this, especially in the Philippine Education it is encouraging to develop with aim of improving the quality of basic education. The Philippines is an educated nation where citizens are functionally literate. Functionally literacy is considered as the ability to communicate, to solve problem solving, to sustainably use resources, to develop oneself and to have a broad perspective about the world. The totality of community commits to attainment of basic education competencies for all. Every community should mobilize all its social, political, cultural and economic resources and capabilities to support the universal attainment of basic education competencies in Filipino and English. Also, the cultural values can be a highly productive component of social capital, allowing communities and the whole country to efficiently restrain opportunism and resolve problems of collective action such as individual refusal to serve the public good. The Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda (BESRA)is a package of policy reforms pursued by the Department of Education (DepEd) to improve the quality of Education in the Philippines and attain the Education for All(EFA). The BESRA was developed primarily from the research work of those in academe. The BESRA seeks to attain the four Educations for All objectives by 2015. The first one is Universal Adult Functional Literacy on this objectives all adults should be competent enough either in their native tongue in Filipino or in English, to be considered functionally literate regardless of level of schooling. Being, standard must be fit to the functional literacy. Second, Universal school participation and elimination of Drop-outs and repetition in first three grades that all children aged six years old must enter grade school and prepared to learn and...
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