English GCSE Language Paper Qu1 Example Answer

Topics: Homelessness Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: September 26, 2013
Qu1 Section A Reading: What do you learn from the article? (Source B) In paragraph one, we learn that there are many common disturbances that affect people that have no other choice but to sleep on the streets. This paragraph lists “rats, thugs, police moving you on and other homeless people stealing your blankets” as common disturbances for the homeless. Also, the author writes, “-a downpour was the most bearable” compared to the many challenges she saw these people face. This supposes to us, the readers, that the life of a homeless person is not at all easy. In paragraph two, she further explains the atrocious conditions which she had to endure during this experience. The writer tells us, “I was grateful for my sheltered spot…it seemed safe compared to the darkened alley or fire escape.” with this said, we are lead to understand that the places in which homeless people are forced to sleep in are extremely unsafe. She adds that these places are “typical destinations for genuinely homeless people in any city in the UK.” assuring us that these are the type of dwellings in which the homeless everywhere live. In the third and fourth paragraph the author explains why she is putting herself through this ordeal. The answer is simple, she explains “I was one of 50 people who had volunteered to take part in a sponsored sleep-out in September for the Leeds-based homeless charity Simon on the Streets” this charity aids those who are homeless with an aim to raise awareness about homelessness in Leeds. The reader is informed that the director of this charity, Clive Sandle claims that his charity helps 50-100 people on a regular basis, he adds that the accurate number of rough sleepers in any city “can never properly be known” which shows just how much homelessness is affecting our society. The fifth paragraph is the shortest, meanwhile it contains very valuable information of the outcome of this sleep-out, “It costs Simon on the Streets in the region of £2000 a year to...
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