Fat Kid Rules the World: A Journal

Topics: Homelessness, Poverty Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: January 11, 2007
I chose to do my first journal on the first few paragraphs of the book "Fat Kid Rules the World". I made this decision because after a few minutes of reading the plot and themes and other literary elements are identified. The first person narration helps to hook the reader in with the first line "I am a sweating fat kid" (page 1) which also establishes the suspense. By the end of the first paragraph, a lot is known about our protagonist Troy. He is a textbook example of an unhappy teenager, it's like he has a disease that makes nobody like him and makes him not like himself. Even after the first line you can start to guess what the message of the book will be it's be nice to people who may not be different from you. Although this message is indirect it makes you position yourself in somebody else's shoes and feel bad for them which ends up indirectly convey the message. A lot of times the message of the book is "don't do this" or "do this" and it is spelled out for you in black and white. For anybody that has ever made fun of somebody because of their weight they feel guilty about it while reading this book so even though the message isn't directly spelled out for you, the message is still conveyed that you should not judge a book by it's cover.

Reading this book reminds me of "Theories of Relativity" because before reading this book most people will make fun of overweight kids the same way people would have looked down on homeless people like in "Theories of Relativity", but after reading and putting yourself in those person's shoes you feel guilty for thinking that you hear another person say "look at that bum" or "have another donut, fatty" and you feel like you're the homeless person or you're the overweight individual because the 2 books allow you to get inside and see what's going on in there heads.
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