Financial Analysis of a Fashion Clothing COmpany: A Startup Company Report

Topics: Financial statements, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Cash flow Pages: 4 (921 words) Published: September 10, 2015
Business Report
To The Investors
Executive Summary
For any organization that is starting it is very important to know the financials operation of the business in details. This helps the leaders to perform better research and take correct decisions at the correct times. The various issues that are involved in the operations of the enterprise would be dealing in a manner that the budgets and other statements might help them to analyze the future prospects in a better way. The various things that are needed to be understood is that these analysis forms the basis for budgeting and other various analysis. Introduction

In the present case of Fashion Clothing it can be seen that the company had invested capital and started the operations with the purchase of the assets in the first half of the year. The second half is being presented in the below analysis of the company. It can be seen that the company had provided the projected figures based on which the research has been carried on by us. The company’s operations are being presented in the financial statements in a way that we can judge how profitable the company would be in the time to come. This report contains the various statements that would help us to understand the operations and profitability of the company affecting the wealth of the stakeholders. This would in turn help to understand the financial statement of the position of the company as a whole. (LAn, 2014) Financial Findings

The statements that are prepared and we can observe from the same is that the company has a good amount of profits in the long run. This could help to understand the operations of the company The first six months after the commencement of the business operations had been a good one for the company. It can be seen that the operations of the business are quite profitable and helps the stakeholders to increase their value. The company had a good margin in these sex months to come. The sales are also good as being the new...

Bibliography: LAn, J. (2014). Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis. AAII , 1-1.
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