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I. Introduction

To help you prepare your financial report, ACP provides a Financial Report Template. You are encouraged to update it regularly during the course of your project. The template should be filled in and submitted electronically. Your financial report should follow your approved grant Budget annexed to your Grant Agreement and should account for expenditures incurred during the project period covered. The various expenditure categories indicated in the approved Budget should be maintained during the implementation process of your project, and for all financial reporting.

If you are obliged to submit an interim report according to your grant contract, use this template for interim reporting. After your interim report has been approved by ACP, continue inserting expenses in the same–approved–financial chart until the end of the project.

The Financial Report Template consists of four parts:
1. Guidelines
2. Grantee Information Sheet
3. Summary Template
4. Grant Details Templates (subdivided into 8 sections, labeled A-H)

Each part of the Financial Report Template can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding tab at the bottom of the Excel chart. The Grant Details Templates are as follows: A. Personnel Costs
B. Travel, Accommodations, Catering
C. Rental Costs
D. Materials
E. Documentation
F. Marketing/Publicity
G. Overhead
H. Contingency

II. Filling in the Financial Report Template

Click on the tab labeled Summary at the bottom of the Financial Report Template. The Summary template will open. Fill in all relevant cells in column C (Approved OSF Funding). The categories and amounts shown in column C must be identical to those in the approved Budget. Do not write anything in column D.

The Summary Template automatically calculates the total of all expenses entered in the Grant Detail sheets. If the Grant Detail sheets are...
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