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There are many different professions a person can choose while entering the healthcare field. Nursing is a very popular field and it’s vital to the care for patients. Lets look past the nurse, what about the clerical area of healthcare. That helps keep the hospital running smoothly. Healthcare can be very complex and fast paced at times. It takes a special individual to work in health care. The goal of health care is to have a continuum of care for the patient on all levels. For my health care interview paper, I chose to interview my Team Leader Tomeca Goodwin. She works with me at Trihealth in Cincinnati, OH, as an Insurance Coordinator. Also, she is a University of Phoenix graduate class of 2012. I work very close with Tomeca Goodwin in the Insurance Verification department, as an Outpatient Surgery Financial Counselor Rep II. In my paper I will discuss my interview I had with her. During the interview, she described her primary responsibility, her career path and did her college education prepare for her current job. She will discuss her length of employment at Trihealth , and identify the customer she assist. She gave me information for education requirements to become an Insurance Coordinator, and grow in the health care field. Lastly, she explained how she interacts with others in their environment.

To become a Health care Insurance Coordinator formal education along with well versed knowledge on various health insurance policies. Tomeca G (2014) suggests that an individual needs to be current on different health care policy, so they can coordinate the patient’s benefits.

The Insurance Coordinator has several responsibilities for assisting patients, health insurance companies, and various departments within the company. Tomeca G. (2014) says, “As an Insurance Coordinator you will be responsible for assisting patients in dealing with the health insurance claims. It’s your job to contact insurance companies and patients regarding outstanding balances....
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