Topics: Homelessness, Homeless shelter, Saint Francis House Pages: 3 (1184 words) Published: February 19, 2013
America’s Duty
“People continue to ignore real poverty and homelessness, it’s almost maddening.”-Daphne Zuniga. Lately there has been controversy and arguing regarding what to do with homelessness. This issue has been magnified lately with the idea of building a permanent homeless shelter in San Diego. The construction of the shelter has been delayed by petty political squabbles and funding issues. However it should be the American people’s obligation to provide assistance to the unfortunate people on the streets and create permanent shelter for them. The United States has some of the world’s most powerful military and industrial capabilities, yet the fact that we have thousands of homeless in San Diego alone is inexcusable. Providing for the homeless makes sense economically, morally, and medically. One of the most common arguments is that the homeless are lazy and provide nothing for society. Whether one agrees on this statement or not it is fact that the combined 150,000 chronically homeless people in America cost 10.95 billion dollars per year to upkeep. The homeless also take up enormous amount of space in our prisons, hospitals, and jails. On average the normal homeless man costs 2,000 more dollars a year to keep healthy versus the average citizen. If these individuals were housed the cost could fall as low as 7.8 billion dollars a year. Initially creating permanent housing would create a temporary debt but in the long run it would save the country so much money. Think of it as an investment as a stock. One will lose money at first but the money will be earned back. Already in places such as Seattle permanent housings are being constructed to combat homelessness. According to the article “Success in other cities” states that Denver has saved an average of 5,000 dollars a person annually from setting up permanent homeless shelters. However this needs to be completed on a much larger scale. Creating temporary homes and soup kitchens for the...
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