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Topics: Krugerrand, Robert Pickton, Murder Pages: 5 (1887 words) Published: September 24, 2013
Boy, 13, charged with attempted murder of young girl
Police say the youth charged with attempted murder in the brutal stabbing of a 13-year-old girl in Warman, Sask. is a 13-year-old boy. The boy was tracked down by officers Friday night after they responded to a home in the city, located about 20 kilometres north of Saskatoon, where a girl was suffering from severe stab wounds. Police managed to stabilize her at the scene and she was rushed to hospital by ambulance. The girl was in stable condition on Sunday and is expected to make a full recovery. Police said the two youths knew each other, but did not give details about their relationship. "We just heard some noise, late at night some screaming," a next-door neighbour told CBC News. "We just thought some kids were goofing around in the back. My wife went out to the deck just to look and the young girl was just screaming for help and yelled to her mom that she'd been stabbed." The neighbour said the girl was in the back of her house — where the girl's mother and great-grandmother went to help her. "The incident happened behind the house, it wasn't actually in the house," the neighbour continued. "We just know the girl was there, and obviously somebody else." The boy left the scene and was found a short time later by police. The RCMP said it's believed the weapon used was a knife, which is consistent with the multiple wounds the girl suffered. The youth is expected to make his first court appearance in Saskatoon Provincial Court on Monday. Neither the suspect nor the victim can be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. A young girl was almost killed by a 13 year old boy

The article, entitled “Boy, 13, charged with attempted murder of young girl” from Friday night, Jun 6, 2012’s edition of CBC news, is a good example of a couple of ordinary Canadian citizen who wrongfully attempted to murder a 13 year old young girl. The boy was tracked down by the police that night after responded to the house about 20km north of Saskatoon, where the young girl was suffering from the several stab wounds. The young girl was managed to be stabilize and was quickly rushed to the hospital where she got treated. The police found out that the youth knew each other, but did not give detail about their relationship.        The 13 year old boy has acted like a very bad citizen. The boy demonstrated a good example of a bad citizen. A bad citizen can be Someone that think of themselves before other’s needs, someone that doesn't know right from wrong, someone that causes problems in the community like this young boy who did not know the right and wrong and denied another person’s right and freedom and decide take their life where he did not have the rights to. #2

Man drives Hummer in path of car to save street-crossing children EDMONTON - Darrell Krushelnicki didn't think twice when he pulled his Hummer in front of a speeding car in order to prevent four children crossing the street from being mowed down. The 46-year-old from Taber, Alta., was in Edmonton on Friday visiting his parents and had just dropped off his girlfriend at Bonnie Doon Mall. He was stopped at an intersection around 4:30 p.m. when he noticed four kids, ranging in age from three to 16, crossing the street at a marked crosswalk with overhead amber lights. All the vehicles on the road had stopped, except for a car whizzing up in the far lane. Krushelnicki noticed the car travelling at high speed so he crept into the intersection with his 2006 Hummer. "I could just tell it was a bad scenario that was going to take place," said Krushelnicki, who works in the oilpatch in northern B.C. "The driver did not see the crosswalk, the amber light flashing, nor the posted speed limit and he appeared to be on a hand-held device of some sort talking." In order to prevent a disaster, Krushelnicki drove his vehicle in front of the speeding car, which hit the front end of his passenger side, pushing in the bumper and grill....
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