“Growth and Development of Renwick, Jajneswar & Co. (Bd) Ltd.”

Topics: Balance sheet, Financial statements, Financial ratio Pages: 67 (18148 words) Published: July 18, 2011
Chapter Contents

Statement of the Problem
Review of Related Literature
Rationality of the Study
Objectives of the Study
Scope of the Study
Methodology of the Study
Limitations of the Study


The introductory issues focus on some vital points. Since the selected sample is "RENWIC, JAJNESWAR & CO. (BD) LTD". So all of its information is related along with this company. They are cited below.

1.1Statement of the Problem:

Financial Statements are derived from a historical cost-based accrual accounting system employing system employing generally accepted accounting principles. The two primary statements are the income statement and the balance sheets. A Company's income statement reports operations over a period; the balance sheet reports its assets, equities and liabilities at a specific point in time. For the investors, careful analysis of these statements can provide some clues about the company's future prospect. For management, careful analysis can help it plan for and anticipate the future. Thus, the point of financial analysis is to diagnose trends that are indicative of the magnitude, timing of risking of the company's future cash flows. The financial statements, if utilized and interpreted carefully, can provide 'symptoms' of the condition of the firm. That is just as a physician uses symptoms for diagnosis, a financial analyst or manager help to utilize his experience to interpret the 'symptoms' revealed by the financial statements to assess the financial, economic and managerial conditions of the company.

The financial statements of the RJ & co.(BD) Ltd. for the study period of 1994-95 to 2003-04 have been studied which revealed the fact that the company has been passing through a financial crisis and lower growth rate for years together due to negative results from operations since its nationalization. The continuous negative results from operations jeopardize the financial soundness of the co. Therefore, an attempt has been made to analyze the financial statements of the co. for period of 10 consecutive financial years and to examine the trends of financial data with a view to identifying the causes for such bad operational performances.

1.2 Review of Related Literature

Abdul Hye Mondal in his Ph.D. thesis entitled “The development of the small scale Industry in the process of Industrialization in Bangladesh” observed that in Bangladesh, small-scale industries were mainly based on individual proprietorship. It attempted to ascertain the causes of limited growth of industries in Bangladesh during pre-liberation and post liberation periods. The major problems confronting the development of the industry in Bangladesh were the lack of finance and credit facilities, technical manpower, problems of procuring row materials. Marketing

and sales difficulties also hampered the growth of small scale sector.( Abdul Hye Mondal,”The Development of the Small-Scale Industry in the Process of Industrialisation in Bangladesh, An Unpublished Ph.D. thesis, Central School of planning and Statistics, Warsaw, 1976.”)

Saha & Hossain, prepared a report on “Financial performance of Renwick, Jajneswar & Co. (BD) Ltd” in Islamic University Studies (Part-C) Vol. 3, No. 1. They mentioned the important causes for favorable and unfavorable profitability and productivity. They find out that financial performance during the study period of 1982-83 to 1997-98 is not satisfactory. They also considered some important suggestions such as: cost of production should be reduced, productivity should be increased, more publicity and advertisement should be made for increasing sales etc. (Dr. Arabinda Saha & Dr. Kazi Akhtar Hossain, “Islamic University Studies; (Part-C) Vol-3, No. 1. June,2000.)

M Raihan Sharif presented a paper on “Industrial Enterprises-Some financing and Related Issues in The...

Bibliography: 3. Mondol Abdul Hye “The development of the Small-Scale Industry in the Process of Industrialisation in Bangladesh,” An Unpublished Ph.D thesis, Central School of planning and Statistics, Warsaw, 1976.
6. Shlahuddin, Khaleda “External Economic Assistance and the Pace of Development,” Dhaka University Journal, Pact C, Vol. 1, No. 15,
June, 1981.
7. Sader, Jahangir Hassain “Development of Small Enterprises in Bangladesh. Nature and effectiveness of Support Services.” Dhaka University Publication, Dhaka, 2000.
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