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Answer 1 - Each customer will need to answer the following questions: 1. Am I obese .
One needs to analyze BMI data for finding an answer to this.

2. Do I want to change
The answer to this question depends upon the following criteria. 1. Looks consciousness
2. Health consciousness

3. If the answer to both the above questions is yes then there will be 3 options for the customer for

Exercise| OTC| Prescribed drugs|
Pros1. Healthy@ naturalGood habitLifestyleCons:Time consuming (including travel time) and time constraintNo guarantee of facilities and qualities.Tedious| ProNo need to consult Doctor- save costEasily accessibleCons:Side effectsLong term possible damagesMay not be approved by FDADeceptive Marketing Claim| ProRelatively more reliable than OTCCons:Additional cost of consulting the doctor.| $245 average cost for 3 months| | |

4. The following are the criteria used to evaluate the alternatives in the following order. a. Safety
b. Effectiveness
c. Price
d. Social influence

As per the 5Cs propounding under marketing strategy, firsts C represent customers. we would have the following categories of people involved:

1. Initiator: Friends, Self or family
2. Decider: Health care practitioner or Self
3. Influencer: Friends, Family, Role model or Healthcare practitioner 4. Purchaser: Self or family
5. User: Self

Answer 2

Segmentation scheme given in the case can be broadly classified into demographic and psychographic -

Demographic(age, gender, family size, lifecycle, income, religion)-

1. BMI - Broadly over

Answer 3

1st Basis of Segmentation is BMI

34% of people

2nd Basis of Segmentation - Gender

As per exibit 1, 67% of Men and 62% of Women are in

Now to further get a segmentation we went back to exhibit 2. Points 5 to point 9 tell us that women is what we need to target.

3rd Basis of segmentation is education
3rd last point of exhbit 2, 75% with college degree are aware of...
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