Health Care: Right or Privelege

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Health Care

Health Care: Right or Privilege?
Sociology 120
Instructor Brooks
By Katelyn Tohosky
August 11, 2013

Health Care
There has been an ongoing debate for quite some time now about whether health care is a privilege that one earns or is a right. Throughout the news on television and throughout the newspapers and internet has been a lot of talk about the different types of insurances that we use to pay for medical care. Those insurances include the new Obama Care, Medicare for the elderly, Medicaid for the deemed needy as well as regular insurances that either employers or employees pay for out of pocket. Listening to the news as well as reading in the papers and on the internet all I hear and see is all the same things. What I haven’t seen or heard was anything about our values and ethics as people.

Would anyone think that it is okay to let someone die due to lack of health insurance or the wrong insurance? Everyone is different with their morals and values but I do not think that anyone would agree to letting someone die because they do not have insurance. I for one do not think that it is right at all and no matter what I think that if someone is ill then they should be treated right away. There was a Harvard Health study done that estimates around forty-five thousand people a year die due to not being adequately insured. Not only do those forty-five thousand die but according to a study done by the American Journal of Medicine they estimated about sixty-two percent of bankruptcies are due to medical illness and seventy-five percent of those people had coverage by insurance.

I don’t believe that health care should be considered a privilege. If it were considered a privilege then most of this country’s population would not be able to afford to pay for it. With the growing number or illness, especially within the elderly and knowing that they are on fixed incomes they need health coverage. I care for a stroke Health Care...

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