Health Care Setting

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Health Care Setting
In hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings, health educators often work one-on-one with patients and their families. They teach patients about their diagnoses and about necessary treatments or procedures. They also teach the patient about lifestyle changes that are necessary to manage the disease or to assist with recovery. Health educators direct people to outside resources, such as support groups and home health agencies and create activities and incentives to encourage the use of services by high-risk patients. Health educators in health care facilities also help organize health screenings, such as blood pressure checks, and health classes on topics such as correctly installing a car seat. Health educators may also conduct staff training to interact better with patients. I prefer this setting because you need to possess certain skills, which I believe I have or can acquire. Constantly working with patients you need to be able to respectfully communicate with them and to be able to educate them in a manner of which they can understand. I would like to change people’s health so that they may live stronger, longer lives. By working in healthcare settings I can organize and implement programs that people can follow that are beneficial to their health. If a patient is having problem with understanding a procedure, I can explain it in a simpler manner to which they can understand. If they are struggling with a diagnosed chronic disease, I would like to be able to educate the patient on how they can reduce the their problem by having a better diet, planning what to eat in that diet, controlling stress levels, and so on. I have worked in a doctor’s office before and I see how the doctors treat patients. After the patient walks out of their appointment they seem to be confused and have so many questions. Its not that the doctors don’t want to educate the patients, they just simply don’t have the time. As a heath educator I want to be...
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