Health policy

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Canada Health Act Pages: 7 (2406 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Health policy
Chapter 7, pg.177-202
The chapter begins with describing Canada's health-care system as a jumble of confusion that sometimes contains conflict elements and practice. For example doctors work on a fee-for service base and are similar to business persons however business owners differ as they are not paid directly by those whom they provide service nor can they can determine what they can charge. Doctors get the benefit from the provincial government as they are reimbursed for the bills they submit. Health- care system is embraced in Canada and is part of the public system, as critics refer the public health-care system as "socialized medicine". Only one-third of the total health-care expenditure falls outside the public sector. Those expenditures that are not covered by the public sector are most prescription drugs, dental services, vision correction and most physiotherapy. Those with insurance health-care plan either have it with private plan such as their employers and those who do not have the plan pay on their own. Health care is a provincial jurisdiction and indeed Ottawa the federal Government plays a significant role in providing expenditure and setting some of the rules, delivering some services to groups for example, such as aboriginal community living on reserves and those in the military. One of the losses that Canada suffers from is the loss of doctors , nurses to the U.S however to substitute the losses Canada welcomed trained physicians from other countries. The Canadian population often complain about the health-care system yet the majority claim to be satisfied with their personal experiences with the treatment they received. Health spending is the single most spending of the provincial government expenditure. In the 1970's the expenditure spending was one-quarter now its 40 percent today. Some of the issues raised in Canadian politics are the long waiting periods for elective surgery procedures ,overcrowded emergency rooms, lack of general practitioners and specialists in many communities as doctors and nurses leave Canada and move to U.S, hospital closing and restructuring has been a routine. In addition Canadians believe there is a problem with their health-care system and some the dilemmas examine that confront policy makers in the health-care field are: 1.Is lack of money the main problem facing the health-care system 2.How does Canada health care system compare to those other countries in terms of performance and citizen satisfaction 3. In what way does the health-care system reflect the values of Canadian? The chapter provides where in the constitution is assigned as provincial jurisdiction in making laws in health-care, which is section 92 subjection 7 that states that the establishment, maintenance, and management of hospitals, asylum, charities and Eleemosynary institutions in and for the province, other than marine hospitals. Historically, at the time of confederation 1867 Canadian government spent very little on health-care. The position of minister of health did not become common at the provincial level until the 1880s and the provincial boards were created as well with the federal having the existence of such board in 1919 with the dominion department of health establishment. In the 1960s all Canadian provinces had hospital insurance plans in place. Public insurance for doctors services and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures began in Saskatchewan in 1962 and extended across Canada in 1972. Medicare is defined as Ottawa's willingness even eagerness to help finance nation-wide public health-care system. The certification of doctors, nurses, therapists and other health-care workers has always combined a combination of provincial regulation and self-regulation by practitioner s themselves for example provincial medical associations determines the licensing that doctors must meet in order to practice in a particular province. Most doctors income are not...
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