Health Policy Critique in Nursng

Topics: Health care, Health, Health insurance Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: May 30, 2013

Health Policy Critique and Editorial Assignment
Sarah Melissa Forde
Professor Dr. Denise Dunford
D’Youville College


There’s a biblical parable of an old widow that has giving her last two pennies into offering, and Jesus praised the widow for her richness. In light to our American Society, the new Health Reform contributes towards beneficial progress to the “overall good of society, and giving the liberty of careful balance with individual rights”. With an Unconventional President re-inventing the perspective of sacrifice within the strength of unity, the birth of a new health policy, is destined in leading towards beneficial changes of affordable high quality health care that all fellow citizens can share. This is the ultimate richness of sacrificial donation, that will inevitably produce greatness in achieving an optimal health reform, strengthening society’s powerful musculature towards a growing united democracy. The fact that the policy Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010 is giving more Americans the chance to have access to health care, without paying a fortune, especially for seniors. Many preventative screenings to cancer, cholesterol, and DM2, will be free of charge to Medicare insured. Also, American seniors have been provided a rebate of $250 in 2010, and if they are on Medicare, in 2011, they were also provided a discount of 50% on brand name drugs, with hope of increasing of savings by closing this “donut hole”. This brings an aspect of purposeful willingness to give into the livelihood of American people, no matter how old you become. The sacrifice of abundance towards our seniors will rebound unconditional giving, societal contributions, and preserve dignity within the elder generations.

Presently, due to the health reform, an added bonus is that also free of charge, seniors will be able to have an annual Wellness Visit to revise their health and lifestyle personal plan to stay on that path...
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