Health Reform

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Joellen Morris
February 10, 2013
Kimberly Keith
Health Reforms
The American Medical Association (AMA) has been a supporter of the Affordable Care Act. This health reform has given coverage to over 30 million Americans (AMA). “We continue to support the health reform law as an important first step in covering the uninsured and transforming our health care system, and we are working hard to make improvements in the law for patients and physicians,” said Dr. Jeremy A. Lazarus, incoming president of the AMA (AMA). Physicians have asked why the AMA has supported the health care reform bill so early is the process. Dr. James Rohack, the president of the AMA, has stated “there are several sensible reasons for this strategy: •The original bill contained a core set of high-priority provisions that our organization has long supported; •Bill sponsors were not likely to maintain the $230+ billion investment in Medicare physician spending if we did not register support for the bill (hospitals, the home health sector, Medicare Advantage plans and pharmaceutical companies are all facing cuts in the tens and hundreds of billions of dollars); and •As early supporters, we are well positioned to help shape revisions to this bill, as well as the final legislation that will ultimately be presented to the President.”

The AMA is working with Congress and Administrators to ensure the best outcome for patients and physicians. This reform has promised goals that the AMA is working on to make sure they are achieved. These goals are as stated by the House of Represantives, •Extending coverage to the uninsured

•Making investments in the physician workforce
•Providing long-term relief from Medicare's flawed physician payment formula •Increasing the nation's focus on preventive care and wellness initiatives •Simplifying administrative burdens for patients and physicians Although working to ensure these goals are met, this organization also has three other goals...

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