HIPAA Health: The Privacy Rule and Health Care Practice

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On April 14, 2003 the Health Insurance portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) took effect, and these federal regulation have had an impact on the field of healthcare. It affords certain protections to persons covered by health care plans, including continuity of coverage when changing jobs, standards for electronic health care transactions, and primary safeguards for the privacy of individually identifiable patient information. Protecting healthcare information is the key essential in a healthcare organization. In an Internet video, Barclay (2010) states it is imperative that all healthcare providers be knowledgeable about the HIPAA standards and protect the rights of patients and residents. However, patients also have the responsibilities to give accurate information about their condition and to participate in treatment and care. With that being said the doctrine of informed consent allows patients full disclosure to make a knowledgeable decision about their care. Failure of patient confidentiality gives rise to legal liability. Identifying different forms of security breaches and creating measures to safeguards standards, procedure and policies against leaking personal health information (PHI) will maintain and promote growth of an organization.

Identifying different forms of security breaches and instituting measures to implement and safeguard specific standards, policies, and procedures against leaking e-PHIs to attackers and hackers, will maintain patients’ integrity and promote growth of the organization. To maintain the confidentiality of e-PHIs, HIPAA created privacy rule, security rule, and HITECH. These rules help to safeguard patient’s privacy, prevent, detect, and correct security violation. Furthermore, viruses, which are introduced by hackers, can attack the computer systems. Another way to...
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