Homeless in Canada

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Homelessness in Canada

Canadian Cultural Beliefs

Being that I was born and raised in a Michigan town that borderers Canada, and given that I spent a good deal of time in Canada I grew to understand the culture, customs and values of the Canadian people and how they differ from ours. In general the population has an outstanding set of values. I always thought if Canada were a bit warmer, a lot of people from the United States would move there. The values of the Canadian culture embrace integrity, fairness, equality, and individual expression as fundamental to the Canadian way of living. The Canadian way of living is very informal. Except for the most auspicious of occasions, the Canadian people like to live informally. (OMalley,2009) • hugging when greeting a friend is very common

• dress is casual, even in the workplace
• people address each other by first names
• a handshake is the normal form of greeting (for both genders) when introduced to someone new (OMalley,2009) Canadian Values
The Canadian culture has a value of integrity. Canadians hold true to the belief that what you achieve in life should come from your own efforts and not as favors from others. (OMalley,2009) • Cheating of any sort is frowned upon. In an education setting people who are found to be cheating on assignments or exams are expelled. • It is a serious offense to even attempt to bribe a public official. • If you make an error you are expected to admit to that mistake. If your error affected other people it is expected that you will apologize and try to make reparations. (OMalley,2009) Canadian Rules – Fairness, Equality and Privacy

The Canadian culture has a value of fairness. (OMalley,2009) • Lining up to wait your turn is the norm in public offices, at the bank, or to get on public transport. This is sometimes called "queuing" and you may see signs that say "Start queuing here." • A number system is often used when line-ups are expected. People will take a number and then wait for their number to be called in sequence. (OMalley,2009) The Canadian culture has a value of equality and all citizens expect the same opportunities and access to service regardless of age, gender, income, occupation, race, or sexual orientation. (OMalley,2009) • Same sex marriages are legal.

• Abortions are a legally insured health care service. • Human rights legislation exists in all provinces and territories to allow for enforcement of equal treatment under the law. • Children with disabilities attend regular schools.

• Both parents are expected to participate in childcare and household duties. (OMalley,2009) The Canadian culture places a high value on personal privacy. There are laws that prevent the disclosure of private information of any sort. (OMalley,2009) • Medical information cannot be disclosed, even to a family member, without the person's consent. • Private and public companies must have procedures in place to protect private information. • Individuals have the right to see information that public and private organizations have about them. (OMalley,2009) Canadian Marriage and Divorce

Canadian families have been changing rapidly in the last few decades. (OMalley,2009)
• The divorce rate is almost at 50% and many couples live together and raise families without being legally married. • Laws in most provinces now recognize a couple's legal status as common law after they have been together for a specific period of time usually one to two years. • Divorce can be requested by either partner and this request is normally approved by the courts as long as it is what both people in the marriage want. • Couples who are not legally married do not need to request a divorce if the relationship ends, however, if the couple is not in...

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