Homeless Paper

Topics: Homelessness, Begging, Homelessness in the United States Pages: 5 (1288 words) Published: April 8, 2015

The Homeless
Walking down the street we see many civilians a day living their own individual lives, but we never think what they could be going through or what situation they are in. We stereotype their status by what clothes they wear and how they put themselves together. We see the people who don't value money like they should because it comes so easy for them, and we see the people who struggle to get a meal each day. The people who we see that struggle for that meal, struggle to think about where they are going to sleep that night. Many people think that all homeless people are acts and just pretend to be homeless so they don't have to have a job or they are too lazy and need to find work, or even spend all their money on alcohol and drugs. Although many people like that believe in those things, I believe and have always believed in helping others no matter what. That "homeless" person has reached that point and obviously needs some sort of help. Whoever feels the need to beg for their money needs support in their lives, so why can't the people in the community show that we care for one another and lend them a helping hand?

I would drive along streets and exit off of the freeways, and I would see a homeless person on the center divider of the street. Some have signs that ask for food, money, work, but some just ask for you to have a blessed day and have a happy life. What people need to realize is that homeless people are real human beings too! I watched a quick video on www.youtube.com called Homeless Interview: Homeless Man Explains To Us Why He Became Homeless, his name is Cody from Ontario, Canada. His story starts off with him being a child left in front of a foster care facility when he was about 2 years old, and when he turned about 17 years old he was kicked out of the home giving him nowhere to go. Cody mentions: "In my opinion why I am homeless and why other people are homeless, it's. . . there was no structure in my family." The people begging on the streets mainly did not have a life with structure and stability to have the ability to work or find themselves. When a person gets to this point in their life they lose their identity as a person and feel lost. These people need a better system(government help) and community to help them off their feet and find who they want to be.

Before this activity, I knew that all these people who are begging to survive every single day have a story behind why they are in this position today. Some could be lost families, some could be veterans who couldn't find a job after they left the military. Although, my feelings towards them have always been remorse and sadness for the way they live, I was also somewhat afraid of them. I never knew how desperate someone could be and want to steal my money away from me, but I knew that they are a regular human beings like me. My thoughts about the homeless before I became more observant of them were that they only want money, not someone to talk to and to see how they are and not many people think to ask if they are hungry and offer to buy them a meal. Many people just believe it's either easier to ignore them or to just give them a dollar.

A day went by as I was getting off work and there was a buildup of traffic near the exit of the shopping center. The day was scorching hot, and I see a homeless man with a sign saying "Looking for work, anything will help. God bless." I look through my wallet and realize I had no cash on me. The best thing I thought I could do was not make eye contact with the man and get on my way. As I left and was near the entrance for the freeway, I could not stop thinking about how I could not help the man, until I looked over on my passenger side and noticed I had an untouched water bottle that I can give to him. I made a u-turn and raced back over to his spot and asked if he was thirsty, and the look of happiness I saw on his face when I handed him the bottle and the blessing he gave me was...

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