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Almost everyone can relate to seeing them standing on the median when stopped at a red light or when walking down a street in an urban area tucked away in the corner of an alley. What I am referring to is the homeless, not just those chronically homeless either: families – especially in the economy we are in right now –are being foreclosed on and among other people may find themselves temporarily displaced. Homelessness has been a major issue in the United States that has gone largely unnoticed and has been on a solid upward rise for the last decade or so. Homelessness demeans people and makes those who are without shelter far more likely to be in danger of exposure to the elements, disease and more recently a rise in the number of violent acts against the homeless. Furthermore, homelessness takes people out of the job market and forces people to be a drain on the economy; without a place to name residence or a phone number, most jobs become unattainable, even the lowest in the economy. Shelters may not even take care of allowing those who are homeless to get back on their feet as they provide none of the attributes (mailing address, guaranteed living space and phone numbers) that is required to get jobs. The leading cause of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing; to many people cannot afford to live in permanent housing especially with housing costs on the rise. The other main reasons for homelessness include substance abuse, mental illnesses and the homeless only being able to maintain low paying jobs. Meanwhile, golf has historically been one of the most lethargic sports in the entire world, and while it may be fun to relax and hit a few balls on the driving range, golf has grown way out of control and has used up a vast amount of land for courses which could be put too much better uses. There are a number of environmental concerns with golf; the golf courses in the United States use more than 2.5 billion gallons of...

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