Topics: Poverty, Homelessness Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The issue of homelessness is not new in the US. The number of homelessness is drastically increasing a lot. As the number of homelessness is increasing why people are still not well aware to resolve the problem that has been occurring lately. Regardless of some circumstances and reasons of being homelessness, one has to give right to the homelessness people who want to get out of poverty line and want to live a prosperous life like everyone. S. Williams and T. Stickley (434) hypothesized that homeless people regard themselves as “mentally ill,” and they get usually tied up and identified with the history of illness. People can be homelessness at anytime. Regardless of personal matters, any person over the world could suffer from a natural disaster and can be homeless. But no matter what the reason is S. Williams and T. Stickley(434) also states that “respect and dignity” from common people can help homelessness people for making them feel like they also become to the society where we share the same resources. And that certainly can help to ease the mental illness. Deborah, Finfgeld-Connett (461) investigation shows that 3.5 mil- lion Americans experience homelessness per year. Of this group, 17% are single women, and 30% are families with children (National Coalition for the Homeless [NCH], 2008b). The research was conducted by using Meta-synthesis method to emphasize number of women to spend life is street are increasingly increasing due to the “domestic violence.” “Unprotected sex and forced sex” are some of the few reason to why women are leaving their home to settle on the street. Rather than treating this nice human unmannerly we should blow our head to respect for who they are, for they are the one who are creator of we all. We are impossible to born without them. For the people being homeless other wants to take advantages of them. Duff Putu, Deering Kathleen, and Gibson Kate(13) emphasizes that “sexual violence” by non-commercial partners is higher...
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