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Your power point presentation was very interesting, and I enjoyed how you connected past events to the current events surrounding homelessness. I believe that people in society have become accustomed to seeing homeless people residing on the streets; therefore, society have become less responsive in helping the homeless and displaced because it is an ongoing social problem that does not directly affect one’s life. In addition, I believe that people in society do not envision themselves being poor or homeless; therefore, they have difficulty conceiving that this social problem can affect them. What many fail to realize is that many people who experience homelessness were victims of their circumstances that were beyond their control. For instance, a single parent who lost his or her job can easily finds himself or herself homeless and in a hopeless situation. As social workers, we can advocate for people that are homeless by working with law makers to fund educational and job training programs, increase minimum wages, make housing more affordable to help those that are poor or homeless.
Your PowerPoint presentation was very informative. You highlighted many good points that depicted how obesity affects women’s health, lifestyle, and self-esteem. Society has created an unrealistic image of the ideal weight for women in America. Therefore, women who are obese or full-size are viewed by others in society to lack self-discipline and self-control. Your title page gave great examples of how obese people are perceived by others. People need to be educated about how culture, genetics, and medication can also be contributing factors of a person's size instead of passing judgment. As social workers, it is important for us to recognize and be sensitive to our client’s values and practices as it relates to their health. We need to understand how a person’s culture relates to the obesity in order to better assist them.
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