Homelessness in Australia

Topics: Human rights, Homelessness, Poverty Pages: 4 (1099 words) Published: August 3, 2013
A person being without a home is a human rights issue that impacts people more deeply than just in lack of permanent housing. There are three classifications of homelessness; primary, secondary and tertiary. All three types have significant effects on an individual’s everyday life that include: minimal or no education and employment; mental health issues; and destructive relationships which can cause substance abuse. The government need to put to action practical strategies that prevent homelessness and create more services for those currently without homes.

Homelessness is a human rights issue effecting Australians’ education and employment. Recent statistics show that about 105,000 people are without homes every night. Of these individuals one in two are classified as tertiary, staying with family or friends; about one in four are secondary, finding a bed in a shelter; and the remaining one in seven are primary, sleeping on the streets (Dragon, N 2011, p. 26). Robinson describes that homelessness explained only as social exclusion does not get the attention of government funding that it deserves (2002, p. 31). She argues that traditional definitions of homelessness as merely a lack of shelter have unintentionally established homelessness as a condition of deprivation that can be resolved easily (Robinson, C 2002, p. 32). People experiencing homelessness are missing out on lack of housing but most importantly they are not experiencing their fundamental human rights. They do not have the right to adequate housing in order to live at the minimum standard in their local community (Healey, J 2009, p. 33). The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission state that people without secure housing are subject to bad health, minimal safety, no privacy and poor education among many other factors (2008, pp. 8-9). Research further supports that homelessness is a deeper issue than lack of accommodation. Studies reveal that homeless people respond to facilities providing...
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