Homelessness in Tempe

Topics: Homelessness, Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona Pages: 4 (1503 words) Published: December 12, 2013
Taylor Timms - Homelessness in Tempe

According to the Homelessness in Arizona 2011 Annual Report there were 25,000 individuals who experiences homelessness in 2011 (Homelessness in Arizona 2011 Annual Report, pg. 3). I personally, along with other students and faculty of Arizona State University, take the valley light rail to campus every day to class and often at night. As a result, we have become accustomed to seeing and interacting with the homeless community; whether by choice or they [homeless individuals] come(s) up to us. I have nothing personally against the homeless but they do create hostility and cause students such as myself to feel unsafe and uncomfortable. Another thing that can come into play when dealing with the homeless people of Tempe is the fact that they travel on the light rail from all over the valley. We as a community are exposed to so many different people, who are homeless for different reasons. An issue I have myself encountered is that there are a lot of intoxicated homeless people around campus and near the light rail, asking for money or simply harassing us students. Someone could say to just ignore them or to call the police but I feel as if something can be done to one, lessen the amount of homeless in Tempe, and two, prevent further homeless individuals from venturing to Tempe. I think that ASU should find a way to end homelessness in Tempe because it will be beneficial for the campus, students, faculty, and campus safety. Going into more depth on the homeless problem in Arizona, According to the 2010 U.S. Census, “Arizona's population has grown to 6,392,017 and one of every 250 Arizonans experienced homelessness in 2011.” (Homelessness in Arizona 2011 Annual Report, pg. 10) Maricopa County, where Tempe is located, is home to 58% of the state’s population (Homelessness in Arizona 2011 Annual Report, pg. 12) In addition to this high rate of homelessness, the majority of homeless individuals suffer from some sort of mental...

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