Homelessness: Scientific Method Research - 1

Topics: Homelessness, Homeless shelter, Saint Francis House Pages: 2 (1022 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Homelessness: Scientific Method Research
SOCS 185
February 8, 2011

Homelessness is an ongoing social problem in the U.S. On top of being without shelter, these individuals are faced with a vast array of dangers that individuals with shelter do not face. These dangers may include exposure to inclement weather conditions, lack of health care, hate crime activity, substance abuse, and ultimately death. Acquiring homeless rates with intentions of conducting data research can be difficult being that America is a country established on pride, and one may not want to reveal that they are however in a homeless situation, and may find the questionings degrading or offensive. According to an MSNBC article, there were 744,000 homeless people in the United States in 2005, according to the first national estimate in a decade [http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16564208/ns/us_news-life/], that number has doubled since then. Homelessness has not been given the attention it deserves and needs on any level, whether local or federal. Government agencies tend to not focus on this problem as a number one priority, while ineffective, temporary solutions have been placed in effect. The media will not even acknowledge that homelessness and poverty are serious threats to our health, reputation, and stability as a nation. It is almost safe to say that the United States is at the aid of everyone else except its own citizens. Instead of the Federal Government and Congress accepting the problem of homelessness in America, it is simply viewed as an uncalled-for expense. It almost seems as though the only important factors in politics include big corporations and war funding, giving the impression that these items take precedence over the well being of our society as a whole. Some of the homeless in America have full time or part-time jobs, yet cannot afford their own apartment or house. A substantial percentage of the homeless living at the New Orleans Mission homeless shelter have...

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