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Topics: Homelessness, Homeless shelter Pages: 4 (1081 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Concerns of Homelessness

Homeless people here in the valley has been questioned and thought of us as citizens of Fresno, CA. Homeless persons alone and standing of a street corner panhandling for money and or food have been seen by everyone. Could we as citizens do anything to help and get the homeless man or woman off of our streets? Maybe to think of the answer would be to lock them up.

Thoughts of how these people lost to homelessness often called bums or homeless dude, and bag lady, and cart pushers became on the streets, the thought that they are alcoholics and drug addicts is more likely to be the question. Many of the persons lost to the street have had jobs and homes but have been fired and became incapable of holding down the everyday struggles of being self sufficient, the homeless may have became ill either mentally or physically and lost their jobs and families due to failure without an answer.

The homeless found that the streets have become their home and job, the place now that they go to work, and panhandle the public corners. Many are veterans that have returned home and found that they are incapable mentally and physically to manage their affairs of an adequate job and housing. Homeless men and women may have had a really bad relationship breakdown and found that the streets have the answer of escape the problem to be homeless.

Criminals often have a an escape plan to become a transient or an unknown by persons that may be able to identify them and call police, or their housing is known by law enforcement and they cannot return; and to keep their freedom to still have their addictions, or to be able to see their wife and husband and have had a domestic violence restraining order that keeps them without answer of a safe place to go and remain out of custody. The criminal area of homelessness can often be dangerous to the public and police often do identification checks to find these homeless criminal elements and thought by others to be...
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