JOT2 Task 1

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RJOT Task 1

I recently left a position at a small Early Childhood Education center in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The school consisted of children ranging in age of 6 weeks to 6 years. I worked there for eleven years in a variety of age groups. Most of my experience was in Preschool, with children who were three and four years old. The school was located in Point Park University located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, in one of the University’s dorm buildings and took up two floors. Each classroom was between three and four dorm rooms combined in size. The rooms were long and narrow with partial walls knocked down and converted into doorways between the rooms. Because of the classrooms being converted from individual dorm rooms to single classrooms, there were many blind spots in the room. There for, each classroom had at least two teachers spread out among the room to be able to see every child and what they were doing at all times. It was very rare that there were only two teachers per class. Many times, the classroom had two teachers, and students from the university enrolled in a work study program helping to work with fifteen to twenty students.

The students that were enrolled in the school were middle to upper class children of university employees and children of families who worked in the downtown Pittsburgh area. The school, because of its broad age range, had over 100 children enrolled at any given time. The families had the option of enrolling their children full time, eight to ten hours a day/five days a week or part time, at least three days a week for eight to ten hours.

The school, because it was located in an old dormitory, was not the best lit due to its long, narrow hallways with many doorways and no natural light. The classrooms, for the most part, were bright and each room had many windows to give natural light. The rooms and hallways were decorated with artwork made by the...
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