Marriage Essay

Topics: Marriage, Idea, Communication Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Ashley Hentschel
English 1A
7 February 2011
Generation by Generation
In the article, “Attracting the Twentysomething Worker,” Nadira A. Hira states that Gen Y is difficult but beneficial for today’s modern work force. In Hiras’ first main point she argues that there are more younger people, known as Gen Y, able to work (1). She applies that Gen Y is so focused on what’s going on in the technology world that they are still able to get their work done. Even though Gen Y has a certain way of expressing themselves, it doesn’t affect the way they present themselves when working. The parents of Gen Y never got the chance to see what was out there in the world for them. Gen Y has seen all the pain and suffering going on in the world that they want to make a change and live like there’s no tomorrow(1-2). In Nadira A. Hiras second main point, she explains how Gen Y’s parents acted way differently than they do now. Gen Y’s parents, spoiled them. They always got what they wanted. They say college graduates, Gen Y, still ask for money from their parents because they are in severe debt. Students may still live at home, and some may live on their own, but usually they always come back. Knowing that they never did anything on their own, Gen Y is struggling in the real world(2). As Nadira A. Hira is writing this article, she is texting, chatting, and watching television(3). She is Gen Y. She uses herself as a personal example for the ideas she was backing up. Even though Gen Y is difficult, cocky, and a different generation, Gen Y still get everything done with all the distractions they have going on in this new world of ours. Is It Really Worth It?

Most people think getting married is a fairytale. They are too blind to see the negative aspects of it. When you get married, you are committing yourself to another person for a lifetime. Your also committing yourself to events that may lead you to do unnecessary things. You should only get married if you’re completely...

Cited: Nadira, A. Hira. “Attracting the Twentysomething Worker” Fortune. Cnn, May 28, 2007. Web. 15 Feburary. 2011.
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